Production Lines

The Teks-Team ensures fast, quality and correct deliveries by conducting its operations within its own mechanical facilities. 

Fabric Inspection

All fabric arriving to Teks-Team are checked by an experienced inspection team and a technological fabric inspection machine before the cutting phase begins.

Preparing Models and Patterns

Once planning of the customer orders are completed, models, patterns and graduation is prepared with the latest technological software and devices. 

Preparing Samples

Our experienced team in sample preparation prepares detailed samples in line with the demands of our customers to meet 100% of their demands.


The fabric is perfectly cut by using the developed patterns with automatic cutting machines.


Our aim is to achieve the perfect result by determining the best printing technique for production with environmentally friendly dyes and dyes which are not harmful to humans. With our 2 carousel screen printing machine (one with 10 table, other one with 12 table) we make plastic printing and water-based printing; with our 2 cutting plotter we make foil print and reflector print. By printing the papers printouts from our 2 sublimation printing machines, we apply the paper printouts to the fabrics through our calendar press machine.

Except those, other printing types we use in the printing production line are transfer flock printing, stone hot fix, foil printing, embossing and bonded printing.


Detailed and precise productions are made with 2 Barudan 18 head fully automatic embroidery machines with up to 9 colours.

Buttonholes, Buttons, Accessories

All accessory needs of products met with a wide range of accessories stock and custom orders. In addition, flawless workmanship is ensured with state-of-the-art technological devices during the buttonhole phase.


Expert personnel produce high quality garments on the sewing production lines equipped with the latest technology machinery.


Buttonholes, buttons, eyelet, etc. are applied on the sewn product and the final ironing is made ready for product packaging.

Quality Control

The products are carefully inspected by our quality management and development staff to ensure they conform to the demand of the order.


Products that pass the laboratory testing continues the production phase. In addition, our R&D team develops their innovation work in the laboratory environment.


The products are made ready for shipment after the packaging and packing processes are completed according to the requirements of the order.


Teamwork and timely delivery our the meticulously manufactured products are among the most important principles of our company.

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