Human Resources


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Our HR Policy

To further increase our company’s standing in relation to quality, success and flagships that we have reached until today in the sectors which we operate together with the staff of our Teks Team Family and to convey the success of human-oriented management as a part of our values to our employees, customers and stakeholders.

In this process, our aim is to create synergy within our company with teamwork, team spirit and an employee profile that utilises resources efficiently, by combining both the desire and productivity of new and current employees with the motivation and experience who have contributed to the success of the company.

Including our employees in an effective performance evaluation system in order to ensure they achieve a high level of performance, ensuring they receive the necessary training, supporting the cases where they achieve a high level of success within the framework of our values and competencies and exhibit exemplary attitude and behaviour that contribute to the organisation by including them into the effective reward system and to jointly create their development and career maps together to support their development in terms of competencies.

One of our most important goals to ensure that our employees see the Human Resources Department as a partner in all processes and to become a Strategic Business Partner that the Management and Managers can seek advice.

Human resources chart

Our HR Principles

  • To ensure that our company maintains its Open-Door Policy.
  • To ensure our employees are a part of our processes by taking a transparent, equal and participatory management approach.
  • To ensure that each of our employees creates added value based on a customer-oriented approach, by producing development-oriented projects.
  • To exhibit an approach in line with Quality Policies, standards and abidance by the OHS Policy.
  • To design, implement and evaluate all training programs from the lowest to the highest position, by placing training at the centre of development.
  • To seek innovations and adapt them to the company, aiming to support the innovation process with Human Resources practices.
  • To focus foremostly on our existing employees for Open Positions, who are our company values.
  • To practice the principle of the “right person for the right job, the right job for the right person” at every level.
  • To continuously improve the organisational structure to ensure the company can adapt quickly to changes and development.
  • To design, establish, develop and put into practice the subsystems of a continuously learning institution structure.
  • To plan human resources in order to carry out the work effectively and efficiently, to bring a qualified workforce to the Teks Team Family.
  • To bring problem solving skills to the highest level by adopting solution-oriented approaches.
  • To increase the knowledge, skills and institutional and communication competencies of employees.
  • To undertake joint initiative with Universities, Vocational Colleges, Institutions and NGOs.
  • To adopt, participate and encourage the Concept of Social Responsibility and Projects in all practices.
  • To further strengthen our Environmentally Friendly and Nature Friendly employee profile.
  • Teks Team provides marriage, birth and training assistance to its employees within the scope of social aid and allowances, once they have fulfilled 12 months employment at the company.